The Bayou City Half Marathon Series is a series of 3 half marathon (13.1 mile) running events around the greater Houston area. The Series begins in Fall and ends in the Spring of the following year. The events include the Cypress Half Marathon in mid November, Katy Half Marathon in early February, and the Vintage Park Half Marathon in early April.

Each event includes multiple races for athletes of all ages and skill levels; individual half marathon, half marathon relay, 5k, and kids 1k (12 years old and under).

Athlete Demographics

Athlete demographics are based on the information received from registered participants from the last completed event. All information is based on the percentage of the total registered athletes and is provided by the athletes. Due to rounding, percentages may not equal 100%. 

Participant pin maps

Our events bring participants from all over the state including many out-of-state athletes. Click the buttons below to see a live map of where are participants live. Zoom in and out to get a wider view of where the athletes are coming from to race in our events. The information in these maps for for the last completed event. 

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Yearly Participation & Attendance

Registered Athletes

Includes all athletes registered for the half marathon, relay, 5k, and kids 1k for each event.

Estimated Attendance

Includes athletes, families, friends, volunteers and staff in estimated to be in attendance at the events.