Repairing Your Damaged Air Conditioning Unit

Checking Your Air Conditioner Properly

Air conditioning is a very vital part of home and business life. As such, it is important that we know how to inspect our air conditioners properly.

Let us guide you through this process:

1) Check your AC’s status to see if all lights are on. If there’s a red light blinking continuously, it might be time for you to call a professional AC technician.

2) Check for any leaks in your AC unit. Your air conditioning unit should not have any wet spots or puddles anywhere else but at the drain pan near the compressor unit itself. Note that water from condensation can drip from vents or from seals at seams and joints where parts come together when an air conditioner is running.

3) Check if the vents are blowing cold air. If not, check your thermostat settings to be sure that they are set correctly. The fan should also be at medium speed or low-medium speed when the AC is on.


The Importance Of Hiring an AC Expert

As the temperature keeps rising, we all look for ways to cool down our homes and offices. One of the most popular things we do to make ourselves comfy is turn on the air conditioning unit. But did you know that having your AC turned on at home and working properly for too long can cause damage? And if this goes unrepaired, it can lead to major issues such as reduced energy efficiency and higher electricity costs, malfunctions that could cost you more money than just preventive maintenance. This is why it’s important to hire an AC expert instead of doing it yourself. You can also ask to get an estimate before getting the service. Read below to see the

If You Break It…

You will no longer have a working A/C system when you break it while trying to fix it. Most of these home AC repairmen work on commission, so they are also incentivized to make expensive repairs instead of offering you an honest opinion about your A/C unit.

You Might Make the Problem Worse…

Your air conditioner might run for hours to try and cool down your space if you do not know what you’re doing, which can lead to more damage than just a quick fix would require. An unlicensed contractor may even cause further problems that will only become visible after he leaves your house. If this happens, you may have no choice but to pay for additional expensive repairs. And that would be your fault, too.


Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

It’s the hottest month of the year and your AC unit is working overtime. You can’t help but notice that it sounds different than usual, or maybe you haven’t been able to turn on your air conditioner for days now as you wait for a repairman to come to fix it. Before you call someone out to repair it though, consider this: instead of repairing an old model, would it be better if you just went ahead and got a new one? This article will explore some reasons why replacing an old AC unit with a newer model is a good choice over just having the old one repaired.

While repairing an older model might seem like a smart option at first glance, there are actually more benefits to just going ahead and getting a new air conditioner. In fact, in some cases, it would actually cost you less to just replace your old AC unit with a new one rather than have the old one repaired.