Runners that complete all three events in the Bayou City Half Series for the series year (starts with Cypress Half Marathon and ends with Vintage Park Half Marathon) earn special Series Finisher items. Athletes earn credit for completing the event with verified results for the half marathon, half marathon relay, 5k, kids 1k, and virtual races for each event. For virtual events, results must be submitted by the completion date listed on the Virtual Event Information page. Those that submit results after the designated period will not be eligible for Series Finisher items. 

2019/2020 Series finisher items

Stayed tuned! We will be announcing the 2019/2020 Series Finisher Items very soon. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and via our email list to stay up to date and be the first to see the announcement.


The 2018/2019 Series Finisher List was last updated on 4/12/2019 at 2:20 PM CDT. This list contains those individuals who have met BOTH of the following requirements:

  1. Have completed the first two events in the Series (2018 Cypress Half and 2019 Katy Half), AND

  2. You are registered for the Series Finale, the 2019 Vintage Park Half Marathon, as of the creation of this list.

This list will be updated approximately once a week until April 14th, 2019. If you registered for the Vintage Park Half Marathon after the date and time this list was created (listed above), you will be included in the next update. If you have met both requirements and are not on the list, please use the form at the bottom of this page to request our team to review and update the list accordingly.

ClAIMING your 2018/2019 series finisher items

Series Finishers this year you will have the option to choose your Series Finisher item(s). Your options are a complimentary Series Finisher Medal Display, a custom Series Finisher running singlet for a $10 charge, or you can select both items for a $20 charge.  The singlet is high quality Headsweats technical fabric, with a one of a kind Bayou City Half Marathon Series design.  It comes in gender specific sizing from S-XXL.  See images on this page for mock-ups!

Make your selection quickly to ensure that you are able to claim your finisher items at the Series Finale on April 14th at Vintage Park!

Step 1.  Check the Series Finisher List  

Click on the "2018/2019 Series Finisher List" button on this page to check the lsit.  A file will pop up in a new tab with all of the Series Finishers, listed in alphabetical order by Last Name.  Check to ensure your name is included on the list.  If any questions or issues, reach out to
Step 2.  Make Your Item Selections  

To make your selections, all you need to do is follow the link to  Once there, you will see three options:

1. Medal Rack Only = $0
2.  Finisher's Singlet Only (No Medal Rack) = $10
3.  Medal Rack and Singlet = $20

You will only select one of these options.  For example, if you want both the medal rack and the singlet, you will select option #3.

Click on the option you will like and you will be taken to the product detail page.  If you are selecting just the medal rack, you will only need to click the "add to cart" button.  If you are selecting either option #2 or #3 with a singlet, you will need to select both the gender and size of the singlet you would like before adding to cart. 

Once you click "add to cart", a form will pop up prompting you to enter the First and Last name of the Series Finisher Participant.  If you are selecting for yourself, you will just enter your first and last name.  If you are selecting for someone else, you will enter their first and last name.  This is required for us to link the selection back to your account and ensure we give you the correct items at the Series Finale race. 

Once you have added your selection to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen to complete checkout and follow the on-screen instructions.  If you are selecting the medal rack only, you will be required to enter your name and address in the billing section of the checkout form, but are NOT required to enter a credit card.  You will click "purchase" but will not be charged since it is a zero dollar item. 

If you selecting either the singlet, or the singlet & medal rack, you will be required to enter payment information prior to finalizing checkout.        

Once you complete this process, you will receive a confirmation email with your selection.  Please save this, as we will request this in the event you reach out to Customer Support with any issues. 

2018/2019 Series Finishers REWARDS


Those that complete all three events in the 2018/2019 Bayou City Half Series (starting with the 2018 Cypress Half Marathon) will earn a Series Finisher item of their choice.

2018/2019 Series Finishers will have the option to choose either one of both of the following items.

  • Series Finisher medal display (FREE)

  • Series Finisher fully sublimated technical running singlet. ($10 upcharge)

  • Both items ($20 upcharge)

After race #2, the Katy Half Marathon in February 2019, we will begin running a Series Finisher report displaying those who have completed the first two races AND are registered for the Series Finale, the Vintage Park Half Marathon.


Complete this form only if you are not on the list linked above and have met the criteria to be on the list listed just above the button for the list.  The list will be updated after the 2nd event, Katy Half Marathon, has been completed. 

Name *
To find your race number please check your confirmation email or you can also look at your RunSignUp profile page under My Races.