Runners that complete all three events in the Bayou City Half Series for the series year (starts with Cypress Half Marathon and ends with Vintage Park Half Marathon) earn special Series Finisher items. Athletes earn crew for completing the event with verified results for the half marathon, half marathon relay, 5k, kids 1k, and virtual races for each event. For virtual events, results must be submitted by the completion date listed on the Virtual Event Information page. Those that submit results after the designated period will not be eligible for Series Finisher items. 

2016/2017 Series Finishers

Those that complete all three events in the 2016/2017 Bayou City Half Series (starting with the 2016 Cypress Half Marathon) will earn a Series Finisher medal and bib display provided by Negative Split Awards & Displays. The display will include mounting hardware for each race's medal and bib. 

Click the button below to see if you are on your way to earning your Series Finisher display. The list includes that that have registered for the final event of the Series, 2017 Vintage Park Half Marathon. If you have not registered for the Vintage Park Half Marathon but have completed the first two races your name will not be on the list.  We'll update the list periodically leading up to the race on April 9th and will post to social media when it's updated. This list was last updated on 03/06/2017

If you have completed the first two races AND have registered for the 2017 Vintage Park Half Marathon prior to the date listed above but are not on the list please use the form on the Contact page to let us know and we'll work to resolve the issue. 

The list is in alphabetical order by last name but you can easily search for your name by clicking Ctrl+F and typing your name. Please make sure you search the name you used to register for the races.